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Tips to Observe for German Shepherd Protection Training

It feels good to know that you have security and safety, whether at home or in your business. This is why most people will hire guards and have German Shepherd Protection Training for protection from burglars and intruders.

However, when it comes to German shepherds, there are two ways to go about it. You can either hire an expert trainer, or you can decide to go for it yourself. The good thing about doing it yourself is that you get to be the master of the dog. You also get to earn his loyalty and they get to obey you.

But of course you cannot wake up one day and decide to train your dog for this and that without covering some basic things; as much as German shepherds have natural guarding instincts in them. Here are some training tips you can take a look at, which can go a long way in achieving you the best results in rising up a dog that will offer you maximum protection.

Start training when he is young

The German Shepherd is an intelligent dog, and that you should not forget. This means that if you train him when his age is quite advanced; there might be some consequences you’ll have t deal with. To avoid negative behavior and instill the discipline you would like, begin training him at the puppy stage.

Let them obey you and respect you

The good thing about these dogs is that they have a personality trait of being loyal to their owners. However, you have to be extremely cautious when training them for protection purposes.

You should consider making him your friend first and praising him while still a puppy, when he does as you command. Maintain an authoritative but lenient voice. They should be able to attack on command and stop when you tell them to. It’s all about behavior and discipline that you teach your protection dog to have that will make him a perfect dog for the task.

Consistency is important

  • Command tone – tonal variation is quite important as a communication aspect with your dog during training. Be sure to use a consistent command tone, otherwise the dog might get confused or fail to respond to your commands later of the tone is not watched.
  • Same tutor – different tutors may have different ways of teaching and training. This being the case, observe consistency, use the same tutor with the same training method. If you decide to do it yourself, then borrowing some tips from an expert would be more advisable than changing tutors in the middle of the training.
  • Same time of day – also, German shepherd puppies have a sharp memory and will keep some details such as those of timing. Find an appropriate time for advanced command training and make the dog adapted to those.



Different Types of Dachshunds to Select From

Among the most recognizable dog breeds, often used as pets, are badger dogs. When out there looking for a suitable pet to keep at home, you will definitely want to go for something adorable and presentable, something you can find in Different Types of Dachshunds. Bringing home this short legged natural hunter can be one of the most interesting of your experiences. There are various criteria to choose from, in terms of color, size and coat types, among other things. Here are some factors to look at when looking for that dear fiend to have as a pet from the Dachshund breed.
The size criterion
Also known to some as doxies, they are classified in two categories based on size. These are miniature and standard, something which is determined by their weight rather than height. Basically, standard Dachshunds weigh more than their miniature counterparts. A dog weighing from 0 to 11 pounds may be regarded as miniature while one that weighs 16 pounds and above would be called a standard. In between, the rages, i.e. for 11.1 to 15.9 pounds may be regarded as either overweight of underweight of the lighter and the heavier type respectively.
Type of hair
Dachshunds may either be long or short haired and this is also a classification criterion to observe when looking for a convenient pet to have. The short haired type may be more practical when it comes to observing clean, whereas the long haired types may require a bit more of your attention. Some other types of dachshunds may have the wired hair type. In other places, they are further categorized according to their hair texture instead of look and length. This is quite important as you will also need to be trimming their various parts and plucking of dead hairs from their coats to about dander your clothing or flooring.
Color of coat
Color is the other thing to consider, as everyone has their favorite; even though this might not be quite applicable when choosing among the Different Types of Dachshunds. They range from black, fawn, blue, cream and many more. You will find these colors variously combined into beautiful patterns.
Coat Patterns
The breed also has much appeal to show when it comes to patterns. These are variously combined, where coats of one color may be interspersed with beautiful markings of a different color. Here are a few examples
• Brindle. These are the types with stripes all over the body, mainly dark or black in color.
• Sable. They come with dark hair at the tips which lies on red coats.
• Dapple. Some cute contrast is created between a lighter and a darker color.


December 7, 2015

Pets are the greats type of therapy ever!!!

Did you know that in Boston there is a program that is being implemented where pets such as dogs visit sick children and bring a lot of joy to their life.

It seems that researchers have found out that having a pet helps us release stress. So when sick children are visited by a furry friend, they will temporarily forget about their ailments. We agree with this assessment.
Just watch the video below, you will be amazed by the results of this program:

Waldo The Dachshund Escape Artist

Waldo is an adorable Dachshund that believes he is Houdini and he is an excellent escape artist.

This is a really funny video that you will love about a cute dog who will always escape from his play pen.

just watch it and you will agree.:

Funny Dog Video Compilation

This is one of the funniest Dog Compilation videos. It is hilarious!!! I think you will enjoy it too. How is it that our pets get into these situations? Can you imagine your dog in a situation like this?

Having been a pet owner for many years, I have seen my share of funny dogs and the hilarious things they can do. This video features so many different breeds of dogs in funny and unusual situations.

I know that over time our dogs become part of our family. We become used to their funny tricks and they get used to us.

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